Thursday, February 21, 2008

Negative Sandwiching

These pictures were created by "sandwiching" two negatives together in the lab and then printing. A challenge I faced was keeping the two negatives flat against each other in order to keep both images in focus.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Advanced Photograms

The advanced photograms were made by projecting an image and then putting some type of material between the projected image and the photopaper to make the pattern appear there. For the first and second image, I had some difficulty getting the words and map to turn out focused even though I used glass to flatten them. The third image was created by exposing the full image onto the photopaper for half of the time and then putting the puzzle pieces on the photopaper for the second half of the time, creating a full image yet also creating a pattern within the image. The last image was created by laying a hand on the photopaper, exposing the paper, and then projecting an image onto the paper. The image showed up only where the hand had previously been.

Bracketing (Light and Dark: +/- 1.5)

This bracketing assignment was done + and - 1.5 on my camera to show the effects of underexposing and overexposing a white or dark subject. For the white images, it seems that the overexposed picture shows more detail than the other two, whereas for the dark images, the original seems to show the most detail. A challenge with the dark images was that one of them is out of focus and is harder to compare.
Light image- underexposed

Light- overexposed

Light- Original

Dark- Original

Dark- Overexposed

Dark- Underexposed

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Theme Pictures

Jose Manuel Morello
I would like to incorporate different textures in my photos and also more chaotic compositions.

Helen Levitt (New York, 1940)
I like the spontaneity of this image and would like to have people as the subject matter in some of my photos.

Andre Kertesz
I like the awkward composition of this image and also that the subject matter is very simple.